Exploring Life's Journey, Renewing Heritage

We have some good news.


Many of us who wrestle with life's concerns have found a place, centered in Jesus Christ, where our life stories are shared and valued and where we feel loved.

This is in contrast to much of what we hear these days. Folks seem to feel rootless, disconnected, even alone. There is a yearning for meaning, for relationships, for feeling linked with others, and perhaps for a sense of being home.

The heritage we valued as our firm foundation seems at times to crumble around our feet and is often no longer a trustworthy guide for us. We still love it, but we come to know that it needs to be reframed in a new time.

This isn't experienced in the same way by everyone, and we know that what is good for some isn't necessarily so for others. Nonetheless, while it is important to maintain perspective, there is no question that people are finding life to be a tough haul.


What we discovered doesn't fix all those problems, but it sure helps us understand that we're not in it alone.

Walnut Gardens – it is a place still in the making where we are invited to put down our roots and stay awhile. Community is happening here.