Caring for Each Other, Celebrating Diversity


Okay, we admit we like to laugh here at Walnut Gardens. It even gets a bit uproarious as we wind down the night at our annual retreat. And if you think the kids let loose and have a good time you should see the adults.

The economy might be in a trough and our world sometimes seems ready to topple. But that doesn't mean we have to bear it all by ourselves. We might be fiercely independent, but it's still nice to have a friend to lend a hand or to know that people care when you're sick. (That usually means a casserole is on the way.)

Our church has a number of defining values, but one of the most important and compelling is this: "All persons are of inestimable worth in the sight of God." A world divided by ethnicity, language, wealth, skin color, sexual identity, and so many other issues urgently needs to see that principle implemented around the globe.


But so do we here in southeast Independence. The thing we've figured out as we listen to our lives is that God loves us all, no matter what. Once you know that, it kind of changes everything. It means we dump the judgments and embrace diversity – indeed, we celebrate it. It's kind of cool. Come and see.