Learning Together, Worshiping God


One of the key principles embraced by the Community of Christ is the notion that we "seek learning, even by study and also by faith." Many people in our time seem willing to check their brain at the door and expect the church, or God, to provide answers to all of life's perplexing questions.

We beg to differ. Most churches, including ours, have Sunday school and their main worship on Sunday morning. There is more to that than convenience – it is a statement about the essential connection between study, faith, and worship.

It begins with the children. We are responsible for the faith formation of our children and youth. That will never happen if we tuck them away in a corner somewhere while the adults worship. At Walnut Gardens we strive to include children in our worship experiences and even include them as contributors to the worship program, allowing their special and developing gifts to be a blessing to us all.


In our congregation we believe that learning is not just memorizing scripture verses and transmitting doctrines. Instead, we believe in open dialogue and respecting the ideas of all, confident that faith is not diminished by challenge and exploration; instead, it is deepened and enriched.

Do you like to think at church? Grab your Bible and the newspaper (or your iPad) and let's chat.